UESL provides a complete range of engineering services as in-house facility in order to execute the plant construction and equipment (static or rotating) installation.

To facilitate such installation activities, we have highly skilled and comprehensively trained millwright multi-crews who keep a “steady eye” on close tolerances when installing specialized machinery and equipment right from blue-print reading to diagnosing and solving mechanical problems up to the point of final installation.

We provide constant linear distance measuring accuracies by using the optical alignment up to the precision of 0.001” tolerance.


  • Prepare Survey document detailing the elevation of the topography and centre lines of the foundation.
  • Identify change actions / variations in the civil foundation to the drawing Specification.
  • Preparation of surface area and clean up the high spots in conformance to the drawing requirements. Determine readiness for installation of Sole Plate – after establishing the coordinates congruence.
  • Map the installation process by elementising the activities of preliminary and final alignment.
  • Seek the formal approval from the client on the Data obtained and the Scope of alignment.Allocate the resources namely
    Skilled and Experienced Millwrights
    Tools and Tackles
    Suitable lifting Equipment
    OPTO METER and other on site tools.
  • Check for soft legs and diagonal co-ordinates of the bottom frames of the rotating equipment and adjust jacking screws and set shims to establish bottom of steel on bedplates.
  • In accordance to the installation procedure and client’s requirement, generator package installation shall be met with, step by step, comprising of:
  • Pre-alignment prior to grouting
  • Grout as per the technical specification and recommendation of the client conforming to the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths to resist the repetitive dynamic loads.
  • Install system piping prior to the final alignment.

    With our bank of high skilled and well experienced millwrights of eighteen (18) ‘A’ class and thirty-two (32) ‘B’ class millwrights presently employed with us, UESL will configure its expertise to meet your installation needs.

    We have the capability of aligning the equipment’s of varied sizes and heavy weights by using the following methods:

  • Reverse Indicator Method
  • Optalign Laser Alignments.
  • Our capabilities are well demonstrated by installing heavy and massive sizes of rotating equipments (list attached) at Farmland MisChem Ltd., Ispat-LGZ and Cliffs and Associates


Servicing and Repairs of the following

  • Amot
  • Versa Relay
  • Regulator Pneumatic Pump
  • Pressure Control
  • Fisher – Actuator Valve
  • Maxvol Valve
  • Relief Valve
  • Pneumatic Valve
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Electrical Differential Transmitter
  • Electrical Temperature Transmitter
  • Flow Transmitter
  • Tubing Tray Installation
  • Tubing Insualtion ¼”, ½”, 3/8” etc. (stainless steel, copper etc.)
  • Hydro Testing 0-10,000 psi

Installation and General Maintenance of the Following

  • Pneumatic Instrument Panel
  • Pneumatic Pump
  • Level Switch
  • Pressure Switch
  • Pressure Pilot
  • Level Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Relief Valve
  • Chart Recorder
  • Electrical Differential Transmitter
  • Electrical Pressure Transmitter
  • Electrical Temperature Transmitter
  • Flow Transmitter
  • Level Transmitter
  • Pneumatic Valve

Calibration of the following

  • Pressure Pilot
  • Differential Transmitter
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Relief Valve
  • Gauges
  • Pressure Switch
  • Controller Actuator Valves
  • Chart Recorder, Flow, Pressure & Temperature
  • Flow Transmitter


  1. Fabrication & Installation of different sizes of cable trays
  2. Pulling all sizes of cable
  3. Termination of all sizes of cable
  4. Insulation of Motor Control Center
  5. Talking of MCC Module Main Buss
  6. Complete Testing of MCC Module
  7. Installation of Transformers
  8. Testing of Transformers
  9. Installation of Transfer Switch
  10. Testing and Servicing Transfer Switch
  11. Installation of Generator
  12. Testing and Terminating of Generator
  13. Electrical Conduit Installation from ½” to 6
  14. Panel, Installation, Load Testing and Servicing
  15. Installation of Gas Deductor System
  16. Calibration and Service Gas Detector System
  17. Installation of Fire Detector System
  18. Installation of Instrument SHD Cable
  19. Motor Installation
  20. Motor Testing and Servicing
  21. Transformer Test
  22. High Voltage Cable Test
  23. High Voltage Testing
  24. Coring to 10” Diameter
  25. Hilti Powder Activated Fastening System