2.1.1Proman Methanol 5000Fabrication & installation of approximately 800 tons of alloy steel piping (P11 & P91)
2.1.2Petrotrin#8CDU Test & Inspection
2.1.3British GasHIPS Skid Package for the Dolphin Deep Project
2.1.4Arawak Cement Company Ltd. BarbadosDucting System
2.1.5Government of Trinidad & TobagoInstallation of a roof canopy for Parliament building.
2.1.6WASASan Fernando Wastewater Treatment Plant.
2.1.7NGCFabrication of vent stacks for the Cross Island Pipeline project ( CIPP )
2.1.8Bechtel International IncorporatedFabrication of process piping for Atlantic LNG Trains 2 and 3
2.1.9Bechtel International incorporatedInstallation of insulation in Joint Venture with Insulations Inc. for Atlantic LNG Trains 2 & 3
2.1.10Lurgi Caribbean LimitedFabrication and installation of approximately 1800 tons of carbon steel piping for the Atlas Methanol project.
2.1.11Guyana Water incorporated – GuyanaLa Bonne international Water Project Lot II
2.1.12RGM / PW PartnershipSupply, Fabrication And Erection Of Grand Stand For Manny Ramjohn Stadium – Marabella
2.1.13WASAFreeport Water Treatment Plant
2.1.14TIDCOTeteron Sewage Treatment Plant
2.1.15Cliffs & AssociatesFabrication And Erection Of 2000 Mt Day Bin (at DR1 Plant)
2.1.16Caribbean Ispat LimitedInstallation Of Material Handling System (at DR3)
2.1.17Cliffs And AssociateTotal Mechanical Package Piping, Structural Steel And Equipment Installation (at DR1)
2.1.18Fyzabad Community CentreRefurbishment
2.1.19U.W.I. Multi Purpose HallFabrication & Erection
2.1.20T&TEC WarehouseFabrication & Erection
2.1.21Atlas Methanol1300 tonnes of carbon steel piping – Fabrication, Installation and Testing
2.1.22Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited-Fabrication of three (3) Skids 

Above Ground Piping – 240 Tonnes.

Under Ground Piping – 40 Tonnes.

2.1.23Proman AG Trinidad Limited M5000 Project.640 Tonnes of P91 and P11 Piping Fabrication, Installation and testing.
2.1.24Bechtel International INC.75 Tonnes of Stainless Steel Piping- Fabrication.


FMCL Trinidad Ammonia Plant. Mechanical Work Corridor.

  • To supply labour, material, consumables, construction tools and equipment, testing and testing devices, field engineering services, supervision, and utilities, necessary for the complete Mechanical Works for the Corridor, including but not limited to:
    1. Structural steel
    2. Above Grade (Corridor) Pipe Installation
    3. Pipe Support Installation & testing.
    4. Non-Destructive Examination
    5. Scaffolding
    6. Painting

FMCL Trinidad Ammonia Plant. OSBL Mechanical Works.

  • To supply labour, material, consumables, construction tools and equipment, testing and testing devices, field engineering services, supervision, and utilities, necessary for the complete Mechanical Works for the OSBL area, including but not limited to:
    1. Equipment Erection General.
    2. Package Units
    3. Package Boiler
    4. Pumps, Compressors and other Rotating Equipment
    5. Heavy Lift Equipment
    6. Structural Steel Erection
    7. Above Grade Pipe Installation
    8. Pipe Support Installation & testing
    9. Non-Destructive Examination
    10. Scaffolding
    11. Painting

KPAC/FMCL/PCN Leasing – Common Load-out Facilities.

  • Sea Water Intake Structure with load out facilities for KPAC/Farmland and PCN Leasing projects involving coring of the jetty, piling installation of load-out arm and pipelines. Hydro testing all valves and lines.


  • Refinery upgrade Project Offsites Facilities Installation of offsites Interconnecting piping – Phase 1 and Tempered Water Facilities

    Supply labour, equipment and materials to construct offsites interconnecting piperacks and tempered water facilities.

  • Refinery Upgrade Project Offsites Facilities Installation of Offsites interconnecting piping – Phase 2 and Utilities upgrading.

    Supply labour equipment and structural steel to construct offsite interconnecting piperracks (SRU, 2HTU, VBU) utility upgrade and 2HTU recycle gas compressor piping.

  • Refinery Upgrade Project Offsites Facilities Installation of Offsites Flare Facilities for the Hydrogen Plant and Visbreaker unit and revamp of the desulph offsites Flare Facilities.

    Supply labour, equipment and materials to construct offsite flare facilities for the hydrogen plant and visbreaker unit and revamp of the desulph offsites flare facilities.

  • Installation of Boiler #15

    Complete installation coupled with all piping works.

  • Mechanical & Piping work GCX Revamp.

    Provide installation and consumable materials, labour, supervision, tools, construction equipment, rigging, services, scaffolding, temporary supplies and facilities, transportation, receiving, handling and warehousing/storage of each and every other item of expense necessary to complete the supply, fabrication, pre-assembly, testing transport to site of all components, field handling, field assembly/erection, and testing for the mechanical and piping work of the GCX revamp for Package ‘C’ at the Petrotrin Refinery located in Pointe-a-Pierre.

  • Shop Fabrication of Pipe Spools

    Shop Fabrication of carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel pipe spools for use on the Petrotrin Refinery upgrade project and covers the receipt, handling, inspection, storage and control of free issue piping materials and the fabrication, testing, inspection, stress relieving, radiography, sandblasting and painting of spool pieces and pipe supports for Unit #75.


  • Fume Emission Control System (Baghouse) of 3000 tons of fabrication and erection for the integrated Steel Plant of Ispat has been installed and commissioned successfully as per the technical specifications and engineering standards.
  • Dust Extraction System as a (turnkey project) comprising of supply of steel, fabrication of structures of 600 tons, erection and commissioning, to meet the environmental standards as established and funded by the World Bank.

    Erection and commissioning of total material handling system for Ispat’s DR-3 Mega-Mod Project at Point Lisas through Robert & Schaefer (USA) comprising of erection of structural steel and mechanical erection for conveyors, transfer towers and product fine bins including the start up procedures for machinery and equipment erected.

    Installation of all the rotating equipment for Ispat’s DR-3 Mega-Mod Project at Point Lisas through Lockwood Greene Zachary (USA) comprising of massive installation process and seal gas Roots compressors, gear boxes and generators, water treatment system equipment, chemical inhibition system and reformed gas compressors which are under completion and commissioning stage.

  • BECHTEL PROJECTS OF DRITotal DRI plant construction of DRI comprising of Installation of Mechanical Equipment, erection of piping systems, conveyors, structural steel, bulk ductwork and plate-work to the extent necessary to complete and commission the Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) process plant for Cliffs and Associates Ltd. at Point Lisas,Trinidad.  Construction of the 2000 Tonne Day Bin for Cliffs and Associates Limited through Bechtel as an EPCM agent, consisting of total supply of steel, structural fabrication and installation of the massive structure of 548 MT in accordance with the technical specification and drawing standards.